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(2) I think that's why I like to observe people so much and I love learning new things about people or even remembering the littlest things about them. It's nice to be connected with the people around you because it's crazy how fast they could leave. But now I wear a charm on my necklace that's two hearts fused together for my grandmother & grandfather since they're both gone now. I'm just glad I had the chance to tell him about it and now I wear it everyday when I can.

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with me. It’s such a sad experience but if you can, there is always beauty in it. 

11:36 pm.

Everyday we go about our lives believing we are living them to the fullest, but are we really? Everywhere we turn there are posters, movies, books ect. about how we should live our lives to the fullest. Except none of these things tell us how to do just that. I learned this lesson 2 years ago on my 16th birthday. I woke up to my brothers surprising me with their home made gifts, and my parents surprised me with my first electric guitar. I had started playing about 2 years ago on an acoustic guitar. They say that if you start out on acoustic strings, the electric strings are much easier to play on. So I learned plenty of songs and convinced my parents that I was ready. It came in this deep, rich black case that had crystal clear buckles to keep it shut. I was so excited that I hadn’t even noticed my brothers had left the room. I rushed to my dresser and threw on the first pair of shorts I could find. I sat on the edge of my bed ready to lay my eyes on this beauty of a guitar. As I opened the case I found my eyes scanning the inside of the case for anything  that looked like a guitar. It was empty. It’s totally like my parents to give me a empty gift and have my brothers rush in the real thing just before I was completely confused. Before I could fully look up, I could hear my brothers running in from down the hall carrying a brand new Gibson Les Paul crafted in cherry sunburst paint. It was as if someone had copied and pasted a perfect sunset onto the body of a guitar. That sounds a little deep for a guitar, but if you had seen it, you would have said the same. I ripped off the big red bow that had been tapped on the head of the guitar and began playing my favorite Guns N Roses tune. Sweet Child of Mine.  

My birthday falls on June 22. School is out by then which was a bonus but I always spent my birthday with my grandparents. It always fell on the week of my aunt’s dance recital. My grandparents bought the studio in 1977 and when my aunt was old enough she began to run it herself.  Sometimes my brothers and I would perform in the show, but no matter what we would always go to support. This year we were performing. So within ten minutes of waking up we were in the car, packed, and ready to drive. My grandparents live in Redwood City which is about a 6 hour drive from Los Angeles. Upon arrival we went straight to tech rehearsal at the theater. We ran through the song two times and headed back to my grandparents house. That night I remember standing there with my new guitar explaining to my grandparents what all the nobs do and how I learned to play guitar in the first place. My grandpa who I call “Papa” was asking questions and seemed really intrigued by how far guitars have come over the years. My grandma on the other hand, who I call “grandma” was staring at the guitar admiring the detail to the colors. Enjoying the clash of reds and yellows. My grandma is wicked smart though. She’s the type of woman that will treat you like a child of her own even if she just met you. Although if you were to cross her or her children she would show you the lion that lies inside her. I didn’t even care that she wasn’t listening. I just thought it was the sweetest thing that she cared enough to stay and listen to me ramble about my new guitar. So I finished my guitar lecture, said good night to both of them and went to bed. 

The next morning I woke up late because it was summer and I could. I got dressed and gathered my guitar because we had one final rehearsal before the opening show the next day. 

When I walked into the kitchen, I saw pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis sprawled out across the table. My grandma was going to get a haircut and she wanted that look. There was something different about her that morning. She was alert and excited. She hadn’t been out of the house by herself in months. She barely got out of bed most days. If she did she went straight for the couch. But today, she was driving herself to get a haircut. I didn’t say anything and neither did anyone else. We were all just happy to see her up and moving. 

11:36 PM June 23, 2011. That’s when I found her. I found my grandmother siting on the couch motionless. My Mom was right next to me when we first spotted her. She ran to get Papa, while I did something I couldn’t imagine doing. I walked over to her, whispered her name and reached for her chest to find a pulse. I’ve never touched anything so cold and lifeless. I quickly prayed that it was something other than what I knew it was. Muffled screams came from my left. It was Papa and my mom. He went straight to the floor grabbing her hands, begging for her to wake up. Nothing. My mom called 911 and began setting up for CPR. The first thing dispatch told her was to get her lying flat on the floor. I couldn’t get to her because my grandfather was in the way. That was something I will never forget. Dragging my 75 year old grandfather off the floor. I grabbed her upper body and my mom grabbed her lower body. We went to move her to the floor, the second she was off the couch her arm hit the floor like a 100 pound weight. No life at all. I start moving furniture out of the way because I knew the paramedics where going to need space. The next 15 minutes were filled with strangers, tears, and questions. At that point my cousins were at the house and were just barely able to stand. I don’t know why, but at this point an hour has gone by and I haven’t cried once. I didn’t cry until a paramedic came up to me and asked me if I had a white sheet in the house. I instantly turned around and went to find a white sheet. It wasn’t until I was down the hall that I realized what he was truly asking for. He was asking for a white sheet to cover the body. That’s when it hit me. I felt as if my whole world had just collapsed in a matter of seconds. 

Over the next hour my whole family sat in my grandfather’s room. Mostly in silence but we began to share what we enjoyed most about my grandma. We shared stories, jokes, and things about her we will miss. That’s when I realized how little I actually knew the people around me.  I mean those people are my family and I barely knew them. That’s when I knew I hadn’t been living my life to the fullest. It has never been about doing crazy things all the time or always having a party to go to, it’s about knowing the people in your life to such a degree that you feel so connected to everyone in your life. I began to call them more often. Ask them to hang out or go to lunch. I wanted to find out who my family really was. Knowing the ins and outs of someone is such an amazing gift. You get to truly see how your life makes an impact on them. You love and care for friends and family, but how well do you actually know them? That night I lost my grandmother, but I gained a family.



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Urban and High End streetfashion blog.